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Coworking space
Greater Vancouver Office Rental Space for Small Businesses and Emerging Companies


Five years ago, THE ENTERPRISE CENTRE was formed. We had a vision to provide a place and community catering to the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Over the years, many companies and individuals have made this Centre their place of work. Some have grown and moved to larger spaces in our building or other locations, and we are glad to see them thrive and become successful. Some have continued to stay on at the Centre, as it served their business operations well. We are encouraged to see tenants happy and satisfied with the environment and the community at our Centre.

The businesses that have used our facility fall into one of several categories. The first were companies that were already well established. They were looking for small offices with some shared amenities. This helped to keep their cost low compared to the long leases and higher overheads of renting their own office units.

There were also companies that were in need of temporary space to accommodate additional staff for new or temporal projects. We were able to assist them as well. Another category was the entrepreneurs whose businesses were growing or were already quite stable in their business operations. Some had decided to move out from their home office to our Centre. Others decided to downsize as they came to realize that they could operate their business with much less overheads at our Centre. Finally, there were the individuals or groups who were launching new business ventures. They wanted to be in a business environment that was conducive for work discipline and to co-work together.

Our goal is to make THE ENTERPRISE CENTRE to be a place where people thrive – along with the economy and society at large. Our core services of providing office space solutions remain the same. We try to make it efficient and cost-effective for businesses operating from our Centre. But we want to do more. We want to truly be a place where people look forward coming to work and enjoy the place of their community. This seems to be a lofty ideal. But if enough people want it and we are intentional to want to make it work, it can become a reality. We look forward to ideas and collaboration with those who are already here or want to be here to share with us this lofty ideal to become a place of community – where business and work is not just about profits and wealth, but of friendships and empowerment. This is what a true community is – where the human enterprise contributes positively to one and another and the community we work in and we all gain from it.

We love to hear from you.

James Soo
November 2014


Office space

The Enterprise Centre provides offices and amenities to meet different needs of entrepreneurs and businesses. Our goal is to create an environment conducive for entrepreneurs to work, connect, collaborate, be inspired and encouraged while developing and growing their businesses.

The facility has extensive open spaces to prevent you from feeling crowded. There are areas that you can meet and chat with colleagues and other entrepreneurs. Its spaciousness is designed to encourage creative potential and empowerment of the entrepreneur community.

Our Facilities Include:


  • Furnished and unfurnished office suites

  • Meeting and Conference Rooms

  • Open area Workstations for the occassional user

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Casual chat area

  • Telephones and internet access

  • Reception area with full time receptionist to greet your clients and answer calls

Reception area
Reception waiting area
Office area
Counseling Room 'N'
Counseling Room 'Q'
Work office
Secretarial support
Business meeting
Studio 301v2
Coffee break
Workout Gym
Garden Deck
A day at work
Space Solutions


We provide a variety of office space solutions:

…..and when you have outgrown the office space in the Centre, you can relocate to one of the self-managed offices in the same building (Boundary View Plaza). 85% of the tenants occupying the self-managed office units in our building have been with us for longer than 5 years. They have become a community in our building.

Cost Benefits


There are cost advantages and flexibility in renting an office at our Business Centre. You can rent the office month to month. If the number of persons working in your business is between 1 to 4 persons, it is a lot more economical to rent an office in our Business Centre than renting a conventional office space. Here is a brief cost and benefit comparison between renting an office at THE ENTERPRISE CENTRE and conventional offices.



Office work


Administrative and  Secretarial Support

Our Executive Assistant, brings with her a wealth of administrative, statistical data analysis and Microsoft skills and experience. In addition to providing basic telephone answering service and greeting your clients, she can also provide administrative support and secretarial service to your business whenever you need it. The hourly rate is $25 per hr. The following are some examples of administrative support and secretarial services that we can provide:

  • Word processing

  • Database creation and management

  • Excel spreadsheets

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Filing management

Copies, fax and scans on the Xerox machine (per page)

Copies (Black and White)  


Copies (Coloured)                                      

Fax (Incoming)                                           

Fax (Outgoing - Local)                             



$ 0.12

$ 0.25

$ 0.12

$ 0.12

$ 0.12

Office Support



Call The Enterprise Centre today. We have office space rental for new businesses, entrepreneurs and international businesses in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Whether you need a part-time office, temporary office, virtual office or even virtual office support, we can help.


Director: James Soo



Suite 201 & 301 - 3701 Hastings St., Burnaby BC V5C 2H6​

Email:  Phone: 604-528-0331


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