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Enterprise Challenge


Office space

Office rental

We are interested in promoting and supporting social enterprise development and growth in B.C. Towards this end, we will offer groups who are developing social enterprise projects free use of our meeting rooms for their ‘brainstorming’ and meeting sessions. This will be offered on selective basis, depending on our capacity and availability of resources.


We are also interested to work in collaboration with individuals and organizations who share a vision to improve human and community well-being. We have a project in mind and would like to pose this invitation to persons or organizations who are interested to collaborate on this social enterprise project:

Project Concept: Community Transformation and Philanthropy (CommunityTAP)

Vision: Mobilize local communities to provide skills and financial philanthropy towards community transformation. In giving or receiving, both donors and beneficiaries are transformed.

Some Thoughts:
  1. Design a web-based platform where people can offer some hours of their skills and services and donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice. Example, someone may offer to conduct one dance or art class and donate the proceeds to their favorite charity. Or someone can conduct a workshop or teaching seminar and offer the proceeds to a charity. Or someone may sell used equipment or furniture and donate the proceeds to a charity. Or someone may give 5% of their sales in a particular day or week and donate to some specific charities of their choice. In this way, each person is an individual enterprise but work together for diverse community philanthropy projects.

  2. Provide a physical facility of community rooms and meeting rooms that can be used by project teams to plan and organize events for philanthropy and improving people and community well-being.

  3. While there may be other models of philanthropy of this kind, they are usually only web-based platforms. Our focus is to make it local - creating awareness in local communities and involve them to be philanthropists and help in people and community well-being. Charities for community transformations can be either local or global

Initial Sponsors:


  1. THE ENTERPRISE CENTRE, a Business Centre in North Burnaby, can provide a community room (that can sit about 40-50 people) or meeting rooms. There are other community rooms that are already doing this as well-being

  2. Identify local non-profit organizations that could be initial beneficiaries in the ‘pilot’ stage.

  3. Have one or more financial sponsors to invest in the project.


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